Officers and Contact Information

The office is normally open 10am - 5pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays except during August and Christmas / New Year.
The Office Manager is also at the Club to assist members until 7pm on evenings when there is a lecture.
Please check beforehand if travelling from a distance.
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Address for Correspondence

The Office Manager
Alpine Club
55/56 Charlotte Road

Office Manager:   Iwonna Hudowska   


Administration           (+44) (0)20 7613 0755
Library & Archives     (+44) (0)20 7613 0745
Librarian:      Tadeusz Hudowski     
Photo Library             (+44) (0)20 7033 0203  
Alpine Club Office
Alpine Club Library
Alpine Club Photo Library
Alpine Club Archives
Alpine Club Newsletter
Alpine Club Membership
Website Editors

David Baldock & Laetitia Sterling
(see also Computer Working Group below)

Committee and Officers from 1st January 2014

Elected Officers

President Lindsay Griffin  
Vice-Presidents John Porter Victor Saunders
Honorary Secretary (acting) Roger James  
Honorary Treasurer John Dempster
Honorary Editor of the Alpine Journal Bernard Newman
Honorary Librarian Jerry Lovatt  
Committee Members Amanda Beddows Charles Burbridge
  Susan Jensen Jonathan White
Office Bearers  
Property &Administration R N James
Finance K D B Morrison
BMC Liaison A Stockwell
London Lectures D R Buckle
Peak Lectures E Douglas
Lakes Lectures L Sterling
Edinburgh Lectures D Rubens  
South West Lectures A J Westcott C J Storie
Meets P H M McWhinney
Subscriptions S Macliver
Membership Applications R L Nadin
Publications Sales E Gapper
Publications Development N Hollingworth
Health & Safety S Read
Tenants J C Evans
Winter Dinner W A C Newsom
Hon Keeper of the Club's Pictures P Mallalieu
Hon Keeper of the Club's Monuments W A C Newsom
Hon Keeper of the Club's Artifacts D J Lovatt
Hon Keeper of the Club's Photographs

P Rowland

Honorary Archivist G D Hughes
Assistant Editor of the Alpine Journal P J Knott
Trustees M F Baker        S N Beare         E A Roberts
The Hon Secretary The Hon Treasurer  
K D B Morrison (Chair) Chair of Property Committee  
The Hon Secretary The Hon Treasurer  
R N James (Chair) J C Evans  
S Read    
The Office Manager Library Representative  
Climbing, Events & Membership Benefits  
R Turnbull (Chair - also Newsletter Editor)  
The Meets Secretary The Hon Editor of the AJ  
The Bulletin Editor The Lectures Organisers  
The Winter Dinner Secretary  
Marketing, Membership & Recruitment  
A J Westcott (Chair)    
Chair of Applications Chair of Honorary Membership  
Honorary Membership  
The President (Chair) P Braithwaite  
D K Scott S M W Venables  
Membership Applications  
R L Nadin (Chair)    
T E Quine J D Phillips (co-opted)
The Hon Secretary The Hon Treasurer  
G D Hughes (Chair) Chair of Property Committee  
Computer Working Group  
D W Lund (Chair)    
D N Baldock M J Esten  
R B Quine L J Sterling  
A Stockwell    
Alpine Journal On-line  
B N Kelly    
Climbing Fund
M N Bass (Chair) T A Gronlund (co-opted)
A W Houseman P J Knott
C Watts  
Newsletter Editor  R Turnbull  
e-Bulletin Editor S J Collier  
Chairman of the Library Council H R Lloyd  
Secretary W R C Jackson  
Treasurer (vacant)  
Book Sales D J Lovatt  
Librarian Tadeusz Hudowski  
B A Grigor-Taylor K D B Morrison (BMC)  
A Lawford E Rae (RGS)  
D J Lovatt    
Hon Keeper of Club's Photographs P Rowland  
Photo Sales S J Hare  
S Russell D W Lund


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ALPINE CLUB, 55/56 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3QF
Telephone: (+44) (0)20 7613 0755       Email: