Climbing Fund


The aim of these grants is to support expeditions comprising AC members (or whose application for membership has been received by the Membership Secretary) that have an exploratory element or are attempting a new or unique project.

Preference is given to expeditions by students and younger members, and to those who have not previously received a grant. For examples see Supported AC Expeditions .

Grants are available annually for private members' expeditions and these are intended to assist with costs including health, safety and permissions. The amount should be in the region of   £500  -  £1500   so the grant is of significant value to the expedition. It should be noted that the amount awarded will be reduced pro-rata for each non-member in the expedition team    e.g. A four person team awarded £800 will have £200 deducted for each non-member {or member who has received a grant in the last 3 years} in the party.

For further details and application form click here.

The Club will be awarding one grant in November 2015. The deadline for application for this award is 31st October 2015. Further grants will be awarded in March 2016, the deadline for applying for these is 28 Feb 2016.


As the Climbing Fund approaches its sixth year the Committee has decided to modify the criteria for awards in order to broaden their availability to members and to further enhance the prestige of the Club. A brief summary of the two major changes that have been introduced is provided here: The first significant change is that the Club wishes to increase its support for expeditions by members that are of international importance. The second change is that applications will now be considered for expeditions on which not all participants are AC members. It is emphasised, however, that any support for such expeditions will be reduced pro rata dependent on the number of non-members in the team. Similarly, members who have not received an award within three years, yet become part of teams that have, may also be considered for support on a pro rata basis.

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