Alpine Club Expeditions

In addition to supporting a limited number of private Members' expeditions, the Alpine Club organises annual expeditions to often remote and little-known mountain areas (See List below). In contrast to the private expeditions, the latter are open to all members, subject to qualifying criteria and numbers. Each year up to three private expeditions and at least one Alpine Club Expedition will be subsidised by the AC Climbing Fund,


British Gorak Himal 2015
DATES: April to June 2015
TEAM: Julian Freeman Atwood, Nick Colton, Ed Douglas, Phil Batlett, James Skip Novak, Crag Jones


2014 British Spiti Expedition
DATES: 27 Aug to 2 Oct 2014
TEAM: Derek Buckle, Dave Broadhead, Geoff Cohen, Mike Cocker & Hamish Irvine


2014 Cordillera Huayhuash
DATES: June 2014
TEAM: Tito Arosio, Saro Costa, Luca Vallata

Bradley and Aleks Patrasi Faces Expedition 2014
DATES: Post monsoon 2014
TEAM: Bradley Morrell and Alek Zholobenko

Reaching The Roof Tajikistan 2014
DATES: 27 April- 26 May
TEAM: Susanna Walker, Mark Tomas. Thomas Coney, Richard Jones


Muzkhol 2014
DATES: 30 July to 25th Aug
TEAM: Rebecca Coles, Simon Verspeak, Rhys Huws, John Vincent

British Little Poobah Expedition
DATES: 3- 30 August 14
TEAM: Adrain Dye, Robert Middleton, Hannah Moulton, Scott Gillespie, Huw Goodall, Robert Peachey

Muchu Chhish Expedtion
DATES: Aug-Sept '14
TEAM: Pete Thompson, Phil-de-Barge, Tim Oates

Djangart 2014
Aug 2014
TEAM: Jamie Goodhart, Malcolm Streetonplus plus 7 others

Charakusa 2014
End July to mid Sept
TEAM: Jonathon Griffiths and Colin Haley

North Liverpool Land, E Greenland Expedition
TEAM: Jim Gregson et al

British Garhwal Expedition 2014
June 2014

TEAM: Simon Yearsley & Malolm Bass


Alpine Club Antarctica Expedition 2013
DATES 3-31 January 2013
TEAM: Phil Wickens,Phil Wickens Derek Buckle Jamie Goodhart Mike Pinney Stefan Jachmich Bjorn Riis-Johannessen.

Will Harris Alaska

DATES: mid-May to mid-June 2012
TEAM: Will Harris Alastair Robertson

Welsh Patagonia
DATES: Nov-Dec '13
TEAM: Tom Ripley,Tom Ripley Ollie Burrows,

Bristol Djangart 2013 Expedition
DATES: 25th July - 25th August
TEAM: Ross Davidson,Ross Davidson Will Attridge Harry Bloxham Alistair Docherty Geroge Cave Clay Conlon

British New Zealand Djangart Expedition 2013
,DATES: 3 August – 1 September
TEAM: Tom Bell,Tom Bell Richard Measures Timothy Elson Neil Thomas Hugh Thomas Max Folkett

Far West Nepal 2013
,DATES:19-10-2013 to 17-11-2013
TEAM: Guy Wilson,Guy Wilson Neil Warren Chris Johnson David Chapma

2013 Durbin Kangri Expedition
DATES:16th June to 25th July 2013
TEAM: Bruce Normand, Bruce Normand Olov Isaksson

Saser Kangri 2013
DATES:15 July to 30 August
TEAM: Victor Saunders Andy Parkin Susan Jensen

British St Elias Expedition 2013
DATES: 13/4/13 to 5/5/13
TEAM: Simon Yates,Simon Yates Paul Schweizer,

British West Mustabbes Expedition
DATES: 15/08/2013 - 05/09/2013
TEAM: Paul Josse, Paul Josse Steve Brown John Venier Terje Lokken Phil Morgan

Wall of Paine 2013
DATES: Oct - Nov '13
TEAM: Jerry Gore,Mike Turner Calum Muskett, David Gladwin

Yoksugoz 2013
DATES: June/July '13
TEAM: Lee Harrison,Dan Moore Tom Brooks Lee Harrison

Oxford West Greenland Expedition
LOCATION: Greenland - Uummannaq & \Upernavik regions - Canada St Lawrence Bay & Labrador Coast
DATES: 16/06/13 - 20/08/13
TEAM: Thomas Codrington,Clive Woodman,Ian Faulkner, Caroling Culwick, Jacob Cook, Angela Lillilenthal, Peter Hall
Details: Exploration for new routes and first ascents of rock faces and mountain peaks. REPORT


British Peak 41 Expedition 2012
LOCATION: Nepal, Hinku Valley
DATES: October-November 2012
TEAM: Rob Greenwood (Leader), Jack Geldard
Details: The team hope to make an Alpine-style ascent of the previously unclimbed North Face of Peak 41 (6654m) in the Hinku Valley region of Nepal.

Nepalese Yalung Glacier Expedition 2012
LOCATION: Nepal, Yalung Glacier
DATES: 17 October-5 December 2012
TEAM: Gavin Pike (Leader), James Clapham, Dave Searle
Details: The main objective of this expedition is to attempt the North Pillar of Talung, 7349m, an 1800m high pillar on the unclimbed North Face.

British Chamlang Expedition 2012
DATES: 30 September - 4 December 2012
TEAM: Andy Houseman (Leader), Nick Bullock

Scottish Zanskar 2012 Expedition  This was originally the Scottish Chinese Expedition to Sichuan
LOCATION: Ladakh, India
DATES: 21 July - August 2012
TEAM: Susan Jensen (leader), Des Rubens, Steve Kennedy, Bob Hamilton, Helen Copeland, Paul Sweinton
Details: The team plan to make the first ascent of two unclimbed 6000m peaks in the Ladakh region of India.

Rimo III South Face 2012 Expedition
LOCATION: Indian Karakorum
DATES: 11 August -30 September 2012
TEAM: Malcolm Bass (Leader), Paul Figg, Simon Yearsley

Altai 2012 Expedition
DATES: 11-26 August 2012
TEAM: George Cave (Leader), Clay Conlon, Eleri Dawson, Greg Annadale

Timmiarmiut East Greenland Expedition 2012
LOCATION: Timmiariut Fjord, Greenland
DATES: 1-31 August 2012
TEAM: Matt Traver (Leader), Mike Royer, Steve Beckwith, Matt Bunn

North Wales Greenland Expedition 2012
LOCATION: Greenland
DATES: 1 month July - August 2012
TEAM: Dave Rudkin (Leader), Lee Roberts, Olly Sanders
Details: The team plan to attempt new alpine and big wall ascents on granite faces in NW Greenland

Cambridge Tien Shan Expedition 2012
LOCATION: Kyrgyzstan
DATES: 28 July - 18 August 2012
TEAM: Dave Farrow (Leader), Jo Smith, Michael Fordham, Bethan Gudgeon, Tom Wright, Doug Hull, Matthew Graham, Jo Hobbs
TEAM: The team plans to explore the mountains at the head of the Shamsi Tuyuk Valley in Kyrgyzstan where they hope to make a number of ascents of the 4000-4500m peaks there.

British Mount Combatant Expedition
LOCATION: Canadian Coastal Range
DATES: 1-31 July 2012
TEAM: Peter Graham (Leader), Malcolm Scott
Details: The team plan to attempt new routes on the 450m Incisor Tower on the south side of Mount Combatant in the Canadian Coastal Range

Imperial College Alaska Expedition 2012
LOCATION: Wrangell-St Elias Nation Park, Alaska
DATES: 4 June 2012 – 8 July 2012
TEAM: Sara Torrent (Leader), Boris Korzh, Sam Thompson, Arnaud Sors


British Mugu Expedition 2011
LOCATION: Western Nepal
DATES: 1-31 October 2011
TEAM: Mick Fowler, Graham Desroy, Dave Turnbull, Jonathan Ratcliffe
Details: The team plan to attempt the first ascent of Mugu Chuli (6310m) via a stunning line on the West Face in addition to attempting other unclimbed peaks in the area. Report Gojung

British Cordillera Carabaya Expedition
LOCATION: Cordillera Carabaya, Southern Peru
DATES: 12 August 2011 - 14 September 2011
TEAM: Tom Ripley and Hamish Dunn

British Eren Habirga Expedition
LOCATION: Tien Shan, Xinjiang, China
DATES: 13 August 2011 - 11 September 2011
TEAM: John Town, Jerry Lovatt, Iwonna Hudowska, Tadeusz Hudowska, Rick Wojtaszewski
Details: The plan is to make first ascents of multiple peaks between 4800 and 5200m from a base camp in the Ak-Tash valley in the Tien Shan.  Report

FIDS Cordillera Oriental Expedition
DATES: June 2011
TEAM: Matt Balmer (Leader), Dan Fitzgerald and James Wake.

British Mount Hayes Expedition

DATES: 25 April 2011 - May 2011
TEAM: Guy Wilson (Leader), Neil Warren and Chris Johnson.

British Far West Nepal Expedition 2011
LOCATION: Changla/Gorakh Himal, Nepal
DATES: Mid April - end May 2011
TEAM: Julian Freeman Attwood, Nicholas Colton, Edward Douglas.


British Kyasha Expedition 2010
LOCATION: Hinku Valley, Nepal
DATES: Mid October - late November 2010
TEAM: Andy Houseman, Tony Stone
Read Report

The West Face of Vasuki Parbat 2010
LOCATION: Garwhal Himalaya, India
DATES: 13 September - 29 October 2010
TEAM: Malcolm Bass, Patricia Deavoll, and Paul Figg

Read Report

Sim-Griffith Alaska Expedition
LOCATION: Ruth Gorge area of Central Alaskan Range
DATES: 5 April - 20 May 2010
TEAM: Will Sim and Jonathan Griffith

Read Report


Greenland East Sortebrae Region 2009 Expedition
LOCATION: Sortebrae Region of Eastern Greenland
DATES: Mid June - late July 2009
TEAM: Dominic Southgate, Jonathan Phillips, Robert Porter & Christopher Larvin
Read Report

Kellas Peak 2009 Expedition
LOCATION: Sikim/India
DATES: October 2009
TEAM: Jeremy Windsor & George Rodway
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The British Phari Lapcha (Machermo) Expedition
LOCATION: Gokyo valley region of the Khumbu, Nepal
DATES: 1-30 November 2008
TEAM: James Thacker & Andrew Turner
Read Report ...

British Darwin Range Expedition 2008
LOCATION: Cordillera Darwin Range, Tierra del Fuego, Chile
DATES: 1-30 September 2008
TEAM: Simon Yates & Andy Parkin
Read Report....

Solo in the Khumbu Expedition
LOCATION: Solo Khumbu, Nepal
DATES: December 2007 - January 2008
TEAM: Andy Parkin
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Eastern Huayhuash 2007 Expedition
LOCATION: Huayhuash Range, Peru
DATES: 20 July - 2 September 2007
TEAM: Carl Reilly, Graeme Schofield, Tom Bide, Martin Lane
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.The British Manamcho Expedition
LOCATION: The Eastern Nyainquentanglha Range, Tibet
DATES: 6 April - 6 May 2007
TEAM: Mick Fowler, Paul Ramsden, Steve Burnes, Ian Cartwright

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2) CLUB EXPEDITIONS SUPPORTED BY THE AC CLIMBING FUND (These may also be listed in the "Meets" pages)

Antarctica - AC Open expedition
4 -30 January 2013 See Report

AC Open Expedition to the Kagbhusandi Valley, India
LOCATION: Indian Garhwal
DATES: 15 September – 14 October 2012
TEAM: Derek Buckle (leader), Joanna Campbell, Mike Cocker, John Kentish, Paul Padman, Mike Pinney, John Temple, Stuart Worsfold
Read report

AC Antarctica Expedition 2010
LOCATION: Antarctic Peninsular
DATES: 24 November - 21 December 2010
TEAM: Phil Wickens, Derek Buckle, Mike Fletcher, Stu Gallagher, Richmond MacIntyre, Oly Metherell, and Dave Wynne-Jones.
See report.

Alpine Club Jiwa Nala Expedition 2010
LOCATION: Himachal Pradesh, India
Dates: 24 September - 22 October 2010
Team: Derek Buckle (leader), Mike Cocker, Drew Cook, John Hudson and Laura Millichamp. Read report..

Alpine Club Chile Meet 2010
LOCATION: Chilean Andes, Tupungato Area
Dates: 29 January - 19 February 2010
Team: Carlos Bascou, Mike Soldner (leaders) ,Annabelle Barker, Derek Buckle, Pru Cartwright, Margaret Clennet, Henry Day, Kai Green, Gemma Hagen, Mike Hale, Les Holbert, Paul Hudson, John Rusby, John Temple, Cherry Whiteley, Tim Whiteley, Dave Wynne-Jones.
Read report.

AC Caucasus Meet
LOCATION: Georgian Caucasus
DATES: August - September 2007
TEAM: Henry Day, Mal Bonner, Kate Ross, Margaret Graham, Sara Day
Read report ...

150th AC Anniversary Expedition in the Garhwal
LOCATION: Garhwal, India
DATES: 23 May - 10 June 2007
TEAM: Harish Kapadia, Chris Astill, Mick Cottram, Mark Higton, Dave Wynne-Jones, Atul Rawal
Read report ..

Ak-Shirak Ski Mountaineering Expedition
LOCATION: Ak Shirak Mountains, Kyrgyzstan
DATES: 7 April - 29 April 2007
TEAM: Dave Wynne-Jones, Stuart Gallagher, Gordon Nuttall, Gethin Howells, Adele Long
Read report ..



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