Why Join ?

How to Join

We welcome applications from experienced mountaineers and climbers who have an interest in climbing and exploration in the Alps, Greater Ranges and other wilderness areas. In addition non-climbers may apply to become an Associate of the Alpine Club. Application forms can be downloaded from this web site and contain more detailed information on how to apply.

Experienced Climbers
should apply to become either a Full Member or an Aspirant Member of the Club

Full Membership  To become a Full Member, we ask that you have climbed a minimum of 20 alpine peaks or routes at an average grade of PD or above, or the equivalent of this in other ranges and wilderness areas. Hard alpine routes and serious climbs in the greater ranges will carry more weight than easy voies normales. Ski mountaineering ascents and Scottish winter routes are taken into account as are contributions to mountain literature.   Select one of the following links to download the Full Membership form and guidance notes:    Word Format   or   Acrobat Format

If you are a member of the BMG (British Mountain Guides) please use one of the following forms:   Word Format   or   Acrobat Format

Aspirant Membership  To become an Aspirant Member, you will have had at least one trip to the Alps or other high mountain area, and have ascended some routes and/or peaks. Aspirant Members should normally qualify for full membership within five years or so and may apply to be upgraded when they have reach the Full Member standard.  Select one of the following links to download the Aspirant Membership form and guidance notes:    Word Format   or   Acrobat Format

Upgrade from Aspirant to Full Member  Aspirant members who are now eligible for Full Membership (i.e. a minimum of 20 respectable alpine routes or peaks, or the equivalent of this in other ranges and wilderness) should complete a Full Membership Application for Aspirant Members.  Select one of the following links to download the relevant form and notes:    Word Format   or   Acrobat Format

should apply to become Associates of the Alpine Club

Associateship     Individuals who have an interest in the mountains and wish to benefit from the other activities of the Club may become Associates of the Alpine Club. Our Associates have interests in mountain history, art, ecology, preservation of the environment, geography and geology and make an important contribution to the body of knowledge and the legacy we maintain.  Select one of the following links to download the Associate form.          Word Format   or   Acrobat Format

The Club's rules stipulate that each applicant must have a proposer who has personal knowledge of them and, for full membership, is a full member of the Club.

If you wish to apply and do not know a member to propose your application, we will help you find someone, provided your climbing experience meets the membership requirements.

Next Steps
If you are an active climber, decide whether you should apply for Full Membership or Aspirant Membership, or alternatively apply using the Associateship route.  Print out the form and follow the guidance notes. You can also obtain a form from the Club office.

Please contact us if you need any assistance:
+44 (0)20 7613 0755 or by e-mail membership@alpine-club.org.uk 

If you live abroad and wish to pay by PayPal, please contact Subscriptions


Subscriptions for members and associates resident in the UK are taken by Direct Debit. 
Members who do not have a UK Bank Account should contact theAdministrator. 

Age under 25 on 1st January (not including journal)
Age under 30 on 1st January
Age 30 - 64 on 1st January
Age 65 and over on 1st January

  There is a reduction of £10 for a shared Alpine Journal at the same address  

ALPINE CLUB, 55/56 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3QF
Telephone: (+44) (0)20 7613 0755       Email: admin@alpine-club.org.uk