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Tuesday 14 January. Mike Pinney: Exploration and First Ascents from the Pensilungpa Valley, Zanskar
In September 2013 Mike and three other AC members spent almost a month based in the Pensilungpa region of Ladakh. Here they explored three of the tributary valleys flowing from the Pensilungpa – Durung Drung divide, and successfully made the first ascents of two 5800m peaks that they subsequently called Hidden Peak and Twin Peak. An attempt on a third peak failed close to the summit on account of increasing difficulty and an insufficiently high assault camp.

Tuesday 28 January. Peter Gilman & Stephen Golding: Mallory in Scotland and at Oxford
Revelations and insights from fresh research, presented by Mallory biographer Peter Gillman and Oxford historian Stephen Golding, including new photographs of Mallory shown for the first time.

Tuesday 11 February 2014. Sandra Noel: The Epic of Everest
The official record of the 1924 Mallory and Irvine expedition: Filmed in the harshest of conditions, with specially adapted camera equipment, Captain John Noel brilliantly captured the drama and tragedy of the 1924 Everest expedition. Unseen for decades, Noel’s complete film has been restored by the BFI National Archive, transforming the quality of the surviving elements and reinstating the original colour tints and tones. This extraordinary documentary premiered at the 2013 London Film Festival, and has recently been released at UK cinemas to great acclaim. Now available to buy on DVD/Blu-ray (copies will be on sale on special offer at this event). This film will be introduced by Sandra Noel.

Tuesday 25 February. Dawn Hollis: Ruins or Wonders? Reactions to Mountains Before the Age of Mountaineering
It is a commonly held truism that, before men and women started to ascend to the summits of mountains in the late eighteenth century, they reviled and feared them. However, recent research suggests that the early modern era was not, in fact, entirely one of 'mountain gloom', and this talk will seek to provide a more nuanced account of pre-history of modern mountaineering. This talk will discuss the different ways in which people understood and reacted to mountains before the eighteenth century, and will demonstrate that for a time in which mountains were supposed to be feared, a surprising amount of art and prose was dedicated to the appreciation of mountains, and a great deal of physical activity took place on the mountainsides of Europe.

Tuesday 11 March. Paul Josse: Alpine Climbing in the At Bashi Range - Kyrgyzstan
Paul will be talking about an expedition he undertook with 4 others to the remote At Bashi range in Kyrgyzstan. The team explored three previously unexplored glaciers and made several first ascents of the alpine peaks surrounding the valley. With its relatively low costs, lack of bureaucracy and plenty of unclimbed peaks, Kyrgyzstan is rapidly becoming a popular place for British climbers to head. Paul will be offering some insights into some of the great alpine climbing the country offers. Along with some great photos, the talk promises to be of an expedition that was full of fun, laughter and lots of adventure.

Tuesday 25 March. Vano Vashakmadze with Tony Anderson: The Mountains of Georgia (Joint Alpine Club-British Georgian Society Lecture)
Vano, a celebrated Georgian climber, is the head of the Department of Information Technology and Education at the National Agency for the Cultural Heritage of Georgia and a founder member of the Association of Mountain Guides of Georgia. He has climbed extensively in the Caucasus and is a keen advocate for the protection of the culture, heritage and environment of this spectacular area. In his lecture Vano will focus on his expeditions to Kazbek and the iconic Ushba and will highlight the tremendous achievements of Douglas Freshfield, a past President of both the AC and the RGS.

Tuesday 8 April. Dominic Southgate: First Ascents in the Jamantau Region of Kyrgyzstan
A team of four AC members headed out to the Jamantau region of Kyrgyzstan in August 2013 with the aim of making the first ascent of Mt Kamasu. Despite some false starts on the main objective and nearby peaks, the team were ultimately successful, making three new ascents on steep terrain. A number of valleys were explored and a wealth of rock climbing objectives identified for future parties visiting the area. Many of the final details for the expedition were organised in-country which lead to an interesting cultural experience, particularly in the encounters with the local people.

Tuesday 22 April. Nadir Khan: Adventure Photography
This will be a multi media presentation on the art of adventure photography. Nadir will be talking about his techniques and philosophy in capturing images in wild and remote places and rock and ice climbing around Europe. He will also be talking about his experiences photographing commercially for companies like The North Face and Rab. Alongside his images are sections of video , music and time lapse sequences. See his website for a taster.

Tuesday 13 May. Tom Codrington: Oxford West Greenland Expedition
 Tom Codrington, Peter Hill, Angela Lilienthal and Clive Woodman sailed for four weeks from Canada to Greenland, meeting Ian Faulkner and Jacob Cook there, to climb in the fjords around Uummannaq. The team put up five major new Big Wall routes, including two on the huge Horn of Upernivik which had repelled at least three previous attempts, and three first ascents of previously unknown cliffs rising more than 800m out of the sea. Between them, the team swam among the icebergs, threw up into balaclavas and washed them clean again, took big falls onto terrible gear, hitch-hiked with seal-hunters, climbed past their natural limits, got swamped by waves in mid-Atlantic and lived to tell the tale.

Tuesday 27 May. Bruce Packard: Ski Mountaineering in the Georgian Caucasus
Bruce will be speaking about the joint AC and ASC trip to the Svaneti region of North West Georgia in March 2014  that offers scope for exploration in an area rarely visited by ski mountaineers. This remote region is a summer walking and climbing area, but has seen very little exploration in winter. The team planned to spend two weeks in Mazeria and Mestia, with several days camping to allow access to higher altitudes and more interesting ski tours, such as along the Dolra Valley. Bruce went on an exploratory trip in 2012 where he made contact with a Georgian guide, Gia, who at the last count has climbed Elbrus 97 times, though he has not previously guided parties to Svaneti in winter

Tuesday 10 June. Jonathan Griffith:Tales from Behind the Lens 10 years of turbo-puntering around the world
Jon will be presenting a photo and video cameo of his adventures around the world. If you want to know more then come along!

Tuesday 24 June 2014. George Cave: Bristol Djangart Expedition 2013 - Bread, Chess & Mountains
Tales from the Bristol Djangart expedition to find unclimbed peaks on the Kyrgyz-Chinese border. During three weeks in Kyrgyzstan a team of six British climbers forded endless rivers, perfected bread baking on a gas hob, forgot which way up to hold the Union flag, learnt to drink vodka Kyrgyz style and built the finest latrine the valley had ever seen. Along the way they also climbed alpine style to summit seven previously unclimbed mountains up to 5200m in height.

Tuesday 8 July 2014. Matt Traver: Orozbek and Tajikistan's Alichursky Mountains
A Film Screening: In August/September 2013, Matt Traver and colleague Jamie Bunchuk ventured to the Alichursky Mountains of SE Tajikistan to produce a documentary film about the life of a Tajik-Kyrgyz hunter and herder named Orozbek. During the course of producing the film they ventured extensively around the Alichursky Mountain range and in the process discovered a series of unclimbed mountain ranges which are featuring in this year's Alpine Journal. For his presentation Matt will share his 35 minute ethnographic documentary film about Orozbek and his life in the Alichursky Mountains. If you're keen to see on film what mysteries are held within this small corner of the Pamirs and the potential for future discovery then please drop by!


Tuesday 9 September 2014. Isobel Suppé: Climbing out of the Abyss
In 2010 Isabel and her climbing partner Peter Wiesenekker fell 400m from just below the summit of Ala Izquierda del Condoriri (5,415m) in the Bolivian Andes as a result of which both suffered major injuries. This is the story of their epic survival and of Isobel's return to climbing following their dramatic rescue.

Tuesday 23 September 2014. Jo Campbell: Caving in Thailand
:Something different with views underground rather than above. Jo will be talking about her successful exploratory caving expeditions to Thailand over the last few years. Details to follow.

Tuesday 14 October 2014. Susan Jensen: The Scottish Zanskar Expedition 2012
In August 2012, an intrepid team of Scottish mountaineers found themselves in Zanskar, eyeing up some unclimbed peaks on the border with Himachal Pradesh. In spite of the unsettled weather, most of the attempted peaks succumbed to the team's tireless efforts but one refused to divulge its summit, hiding behind an inconsiderately loose ridge. Undeterred, most of the team returned in June 2013 to ambush the villain from the Himachal Pradesh side. What happened that first year? Did they invoke another calamitous weather system the second year? Did they succeed in summiting the second time around? Is there anything left to climb in the area? What was the preferred single malt on each trip? How long does a snowman last in the Himalayan sun? These and other burning questions will be addressed.

Tuesday 28 October 2014. John Kentish: An Alpine Ski Traverse – The Mediterranean to Chamonix
John will be talking about a traverse, mostly on skis, from Menton on the Mediterranean to Chamonix, a distance of 530km with 35,000 metres of ascent. It was undertaken in early 2014, by a party of three, without using any mechanical uplift. The first part was dogged by poor weather, whiteout conditions and snow, but later more stable conditions enabled easier progress. It proved more adventurous than anticipated, with few other people encountered on route.

Tuesday 25 November 2014. Colin Beechey: Classic Alpine Climbs
Following on from his two earlier talks on Alpine Grandes Courses, Colin will be describing some classic climbs in the Alps up to Alpine D . Details to follow

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The London lecture organiser is Derek Buckle.   Please contact Derek if you are interested in giving a lecture.



Wednesday 15th January. Tom Ripley: America, North and South

A multi-faceted lecture on an ascent of Denali's Cassin Ridge, big walls in Yosemite and expeditions to Patagonia

Wednesday 19th February. Hywel Lloyd: Everest 60 Year Anniversary
The story of the nine Everest expeditions leading to the successful ascent in 1953.

In this talk, which accompanies a small exhibition of photographs, archives and artefacts relating the history of the nine Everest Expeditions from 1921 onwards (all sponsored by the AC & RGS), Hywel will concentrate on those expeditions that led up to - and included - the successful ascent in 1953.

Wednesday 12th March. Paul Ramsden. The first ascent of Kishtwar Kailash
Paul and Mick Fowler pulled off an ascent of the previously virgin Kishtwar Kailash via the difficult southwest face. Forming the last major peak at the eastern end of the Kishtwar Himalaya, Kishtwar Kailash (6,451m) had never previously seen a serious attempt.
" We climbed the southwest face of the mountain in a seven-day round trip from base camp. The 1,500m ascent, ED and Scottish VI, featured spectacular situations and varied climbing, but was very different from expected, with many features and near vertical monolithic rock walls."

These resume in the Autumn

PEAK LECTURE VENUE: 'Outside Cafe',  Hathersage, Derbyshire on Wednesdays at 7.30pm
Anyone who has had an interesting trip and would be prepared to lecture is invited to contact Edward Douglas.



Tuesday 14th January. Jim Gregson: Exploring Greenland
An overlook from twenty years of expeditions to the High Arctic

Tuesday 11th February. Tom Ripley: A Multi-Faceted Lecture: Denali, Yosemite & Pategonia
Denali's Cassin Ridge, Big walls in Yosemite and expeditions to Patagonia

Tuesday 11th March. Sandra Scott & Justin Tracey: 'Beyond the Clouds' and 'Three Alpine North faces’
A double bill film/Slide/Talk about two 'ordinary' people taking on challenges a little bit extraordinary, Sandra is a 68 year old grandmother attemping the lake district 47 mile Joss Naylor mountain Challenge and Justin 'I can climb HVS' taking on three of the 'classic Alpine North Face Routes' before he becomes middle aged and buys an estate car. (Both of these things have since happened to him!).

These resume in the Autumn

LAKES VENUE Hawkshead Brewery, Staveley, Near Kendal,LA8 9LR on Tuesdays at 7.30pm
Anyone who has had an interesting trip and would be prepared to lecture is invited to contact Laetitia Sterling



Tuesday 14th January. Will Sim: A Retrospective
Though still in his twenties, Will has amassed a lifetime of experience in places as far flung as Pakistan, the great Alpine North faces and, of course, pushing the boundaries in Scotland in winter, famously with Greg Boswall. Rumour has it Will trains in Chamonix by skinning up a few thousand metres on skis, then taking the telepherique down to recover, (then repeating). Come and hear one of our very finest young mountaineers

Tuesday 11th February. Tom Codrington: Oxford West Greenland Expedition
Tom Codrington, Peter Hill, Angela Lilienthal and Clive Woodman sailed for four weeks from Canada to Greenland, meeting Ian Faulkner and Jacob Cook there, to climb in the fjords around Uummannaq. The team put up five major new Big Wall routes, including two on the huge Horn of Upernivik which had repelled at least three previous attempts, and three first ascents of previously unknown cliffs rising more than 800m out of the sea. Between them, the team swam among the icebergs, threw up into balaclavas and washed them clean again, took big falls onto terrible gear, hitch-hiked with seal-hunters, climbed past their natural limits, got swamped by waves in mid-Atlantic and lived to tell the tale

Tuesday 11th March: Members’ images/slides
With the resurgence in the achievements of the local SMC/JMCS in recent years, (particularly by the elderly) we can expect a bumper evening on this, the final show of the series.

These resume in the Autumn

EDINBURGH VENUE:The Royal Overseas League, 100 Princes Street, Edinburgh on Tuesdays at 7.30pm
Anyone who has had an interesting trip and would be prepared to lecture is invited to contact Desmond Rubens



Wednesday 22ndJanuary: Dan Mazur and Squash Falconer – Himalayan mountaineering and service projects
Note the change of date and revised venue - the Rose of Denmark pub, near to the usual location.
Mountain guide Dan and British woman mountaineer Squash will be presenting a slide and video programme about Himalayan mountain climbing and service projects, including restoration of the Deboche Nunnery, design and building of the Mt Everest basecamp waste treatment plant, and also hospital and school building in rural Nepal.

Tuesday 18th February: Mick Fowler – Prow of Shiva, India
Mick will be talking about his and Paul Ramsden's Piolet d'Or winning ascent of the Prow' of Shiva (6,142m) in the Indian Himalaya. Mick and Paul also won a Piolet d'Or for their first ascent of NW Face of Siguniang (Sichuan, 2002) and are the only team to have won two Piolets d'

Tuesday 18th March: Phil Wickens – The 2013 Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition
During January 2013 seven Alpine Club members sailed to the Antarctic Peninsula on board the yacht Spirit of Sydney. Various members of the team made five significant first ascents. The party also made the first ascent of Lancaster Hill east and west summitsfrom the Troos Glacier and was fortunate to encounter several species of whales, penguins and other animals at remarkably close quarters. As usual with talks by Phil, this promises to be a photographic extravaganza

These resume in the Autumn

SOUTH WEST VENUE: Upper Room of the Nova Scotia, Cumberland Basin, Hotwells, Bristol, BS1 6XJ
The Nova Scotia Hotel is a well-know Bristol landmark, situated at the western end of the Floating Harbour, with ample local parking and good beer. Lectures are normally on Tuesdays and start at 7.30pm. Click here for map
The SW Regional organisers are Tony Westcott, Adele Long and Chris Storie..


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