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Tuesday 9 September. Isobel Suppé: Climbing out of the Abyss
In 2010 Isabel and her climbing partner Peter Wiesenekker fell 400m from just below the summit of Ala Izquierda del Condoriri (5,415m) in the Bolivian Andes as a result of which both suffered major injuries. This is the story of their epic survival and of Isobel's return to climbing following their dramatic rescue.

Tuesday 23 September 2014. Jo Campbell: Caving in Thailand CANCELLED
:Something different with views underground rather than above. Jo will be talking about her successful exploratory caving expeditions to Thailand over the last few years. Details to follow.

Tuesday 14 October. Susan Jensen: British Liushen Tag Expedition 2014 - NOTE - CHANGE OF PROGRAM
The expedition to the Kunlun Range, Xinjiang, China in September 2014.

Tuesday 28 October. John Kentish: An Alpine Ski Traverse – The Mediterranean to Chamonix
John will be talking about a traverse, mostly on skis, from Menton on the Mediterranean to Chamonix, a distance of 530km with 35,000 metres of ascent. It was undertaken in early 2014, by a party of three, without using any mechanical uplift. The first part was dogged by poor weather, whiteout conditions and snow, but later more stable conditions enabled easier progress. It proved more adventurous than anticipated, with few other people encountered on route.

Tuesday 11 November. Derek Buckle: Peruvian Classics - an Account of the 2014 AC Expedition to the Cordillera Blanca
Over four weeks in June ten members of the AC successfully climbed five peaks above 5000m in four separate valleys readily accessible from Huaraz, the Peruvian Chamonix. In this talk Derek will illustrate the opportunities available in this attractive region of the Andes and give an account of the team's achievements.

Tuesday 25 November. Colin Beechey: Alpine Classics for Mere Mortals
Colin has given 2 previous talks on Alpine ‘Grandes Courses’, climbed over many Alpine holidays while completing his round of the Alpine 4000ers in 2000. Determined not to become an obsessive list ticker he also sought out many other Alpine classic routes on lower peaks and is still doing so, despite rapidly approaching senility. In his lecture Colin will describe a selection of these medium grade routes, mainly in the AD grade, achievable by most alpinists of average ability. These will include The traverse of Les Courtes, The Morgenhorn/ Bluemlisalphorn traverse, Fletschorn/Lagginhorn traverse, Badile North Ridge and others, some well known and some less so. Hopefully Colin’s talk will be a relaxing contrast to the usual Club lectures of heroic deeds in far off places.

Both General and Informal meetings at the club house in Charlotte Road start at 7:30pm, with the bar opening from 6pm. The library is usually staffed by volunteers between 5pm and 7pm. 

Occasional informal meetings provide a good opportunity for members to meet one another, and exchange news, views and information. New members and prospective members are particularly welcome. Prospective members are asked to contact the Administrator before attending.

The London lecture organiser is Derek Buckle.   Please contact Derek if you are interested in giving a lecture.


Wenesday 15th October. Dick Turnbull
Dick will be recalling ice climbing trips to the Rockies, with ascents of some of the most famous ice routes there, various parts of the French Alps and Scotland.

Wednesday 12th November. Malcolm Bass and Simon Yearsley
Malcolm and Simon will be talking about their attempt on Rimo and first ascent of Dunglung in 2012 and their attempt on Janahut in 2014.

More to follow.

PEAK VENUE: 'Outside Cafe',  Hathersage, Derbyshire on Wednesdays at 7.30pm
Anyone who has had an interesting trip and would be prepared to lecture is invited to contact Edward Douglas.


Tuesday 11th November. Jim Gregson: The Really Northern Playground
Following on from the Lakes 2013 lecture Jim continues sharing details of his expeditions to Greenland with this one about North Liverpool Land, East Greenland.

Tuesday 9th December. Harriet Tuckey
The Times Sports Book Award for Outstanding General Sports Writing.
This book about Harriet’s dad, Everest the First Ascent, the Untold Story of Griffith Pugh, the man who made it possible.
It won the British Sports Book Award for Outstanding General Sports Writing.

Tuesday 10th February 2015. Malcolm Bass & Simon Yearsley: Janahut
Malcom and Simon report on their trips to the Indian East Karakoram (Rimo III attempt and Dunglung Kangri first ascent) and the Garwhal Himalaya (Janahut near miss).

LAKES VENUE Hawkshead Brewery, Staveley, Near Kendal,LA8 9LR on Tuesdays at 7.30pm
Anyone who has had an interesting trip and would be prepared to lecture is invited to contact Laetitia Sterling


14th October. Colin Moody: Inner Hebrides Climbs and Wildlife
We are honored to host Colin, joint author (with Graham Little) of the most recent SMC Guidebook which is to Arran and the Inner Hebrides. Published to wide acclaim, this guidebook documents climbs on such islands as Muck, Coll and Canna which have never before appeared in a guidebook. Rum, Mull and Iona are also included. Colin will also include photos of birds and wildlife.
For aficionados of the obscure, further information, as well as excellent photos, can be found on Colin’s esoteric website www.colinmoody.com

11th November. Susan Jensen: Adventures on an Unclimbed Peak in the Indo-Karakoram
Our own indefatigable Susan Jensen relates a historic ascent. The existence of an unclimbed 7000m peak in the Indian Karakoram was due, at least in part, to an historical error in surveying, leaving the peak, Chamsen, largely neglected and hiding behind another Peak called Plateau Peak, itself over 7000 metres. The correction was discovered and an Indo-British expedition to climb it was organised. They then found another reason it hadn't been climbed: it was awfully hard to get to. The tale of the area, the unclimbed col, the Valley of Death, the rescue and the climb will be told.

9th December. Dave Broadhead: Caucasus 1984
Dave Broadhead has numerous talents other than the updating of the Munro Archives, as will be seen to full advantage here. Despite the ominous date, in the summer of 1984 Dave Broadhead and Des Rubens accepted an invitation to attend an International Mountaineering Camp in the Russian Caucasus. As well as first hand experience of the ill-fated Soviet Union they enjoyed some fantastic climbing and achieved some historic and rare ascents by capitalist lackeys of mountains such as Ushba, considered by some the most beautiful mountain in the world, and of course Elbrus, highest summit in Europe.
As if this were not excitement enough, mince pies and mulled wine may be served at this event.

13th January 2015. Members’ slides/images.
The traditional January ‘death slot’ is an opportunity to catch up on the adventures of 2014 as well as showing off achievements of the Xmas/New Year break. We have had excellent evenings in recent years so please come along and show that you are still getting out there. A ration of about 20 images per member, please.

10th February. Mick Fowler
A recent president of the Alpine Club, Mick is well known for his exploits in Scotland. His lectures and articles are characterised by much humour of the self-deprecating style. Don’t miss this one. This will be the Scottish premiere of Mick’s lecture. We don’t know what it is yet, but as he is attempting the unclimbed North Face of Hagshu in Kishtwar this autumn, some material from this adventure may end up on the screen here.

10th March. Peter Berg: Whymper’s Scrambles with a Camera
Peter is an AC member who will be showing this lecture in Scotland for the first time.The lecture is an introduction to and a re-creation of the magic lantern show that Whymper took all over the UK, Europe and the USA, using his own text and photographs 1870-1895. The lecture forms a complement to the book 'Whymper's Scrambles with a Camera' published by the Alpine Club in 2011: it has now been given 27 times, in various parts of the UK and Europe, though never in Scotland. Much of the lecture is devoted to the Matterhorn area so a viewing in 2015, the 150th anniversary of the first ascent, is most appropriate.

EDINBURGH VENUE:The Royal Overseas League, 100 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 3AB on the second Tuesday of the month from October to March at 7.30pm
This venue is easily accessible by public transport from Waverley Station or by bus. A lamppost a few yards from the door provides security for bicycles. Car parking is available in George Street and is metered until 630pm
.Anyone who has had an interesting trip and would be prepared to lecture is invited to contact Desmond Rubens


Tuesday 23 September 2014: Susie Amann - "Alaska: Exploring the Chugach Mountains" and Adele Long -  "East Greenland: Travels with a Dog in Bear country"

Accounts of two 2013 expeditions will be presented, which we hope will encourage prospective expeditioners and show that beards are not a requirement! 
The 8 man Alaska expedition  visited the Chugach Mountains which form a 300 mile crescent east of Anchorage, stretching to Valdez providing a wealth of opportunities for skiers and mountaineers.  The objectives of the trip were to explore the ski potential of the range by visiting 3 areas and attempting Mt Marcus Baker (13,176 ft), the highest peak in the range. 
The expedition to Greenland visited Liverpool Land; after initial snowmobile access from Scoresbysund, the expedition explored the ski mountaineering potential of Liverpool Land at 71° north on the east coast of Greenland.

Tuesday 21 October 2014: Tony Westcott & Chris Storie -  "Zanskar 2013 Expedition - Exploring unclimbed peaks in the Pensilungpa Valley"
NOTE: Venue is the Rose of Denmark, 6 Dowry Square, Hotwells, Bristol BS8 4QL.

The expedition aim was to explore a glaciated valley, encircled by mostly unclimbed 6000m peaks and accessed from one of the highest passes in the remote Zanskar district of Ladakh in the north-western Indian Himalaya. The four-man expedition team, led by Derek Buckle, also included our good friend, the late Mike Pinney. In memory of Mike, there will be a collection for the Ogwen Mountain Rescue team.

Tuesday 19 Nov 2013: Edith Kreutner – Mountaineering expedition to the Djetim Bel in Kyrgyzstan

In August 2014, four members of the Austrian Alpine Club left the Alps for some mountaineering adventures. The aim of their expedition was to set up base camp near the Arabel Pass and explore the nearby valleys with their mostly glacier covered summits (4200-4700m).  Over the course of 17 days, they climbed many summits of various difficulty, most of which had not been climbed before, were invited to the yurts of local shepherds, observed the local wildlife (amongst it Marco Polo sheep and eagles) and tasted local delicacies. 

Tuesday 9 Dec 2014: John Kentish – An Alpine Ski Traverse – The Mediterranean to Chamonix

John will be talking about a traverse, mostly on skis, from Menton on the Mediterranean to Chamonix, a distance of 530km with 35,000 metres of ascent. It was undertaken in early 2014, by a party of three, without using any mechanical uplift. The first part was dogged by poor weather, whiteout conditions and snow, but later more stable conditions enabled easier progress. It proved more adventurous than anticipated, with few other people encountered on route.

Tuesday 20 January 2015: Details to follow.

Tuesday 17 February 2015: Clare Roche – The Other Golden Age- the Nineteenth-century Development of Womens’ climbing.

Most people are familiar with the idea of the ‘golden age’ of mountaineering but this is implicitly male and many are unaware of women’s achievements. This talk considers both the quantitative and qualitative nature of women’s alpine climbing and their place within the mountaineering community as well as wider society in the nineteenth century. Women alpinists had their own defining decades.
Tuesday 17 March 2015: George Cave – Bristol Djangart Expedition 2013: Bread, Chess & Mountains - Tales from the Bristol
Djangart expedition to find unclimbed peaks on the Kyrgyz-Chinese border.
During three weeks in Kyrgyzstan a team of six British climbers forded endless rivers, perfected bread baking on a gas hob, forgot which way up to hold the Union flag, learnt to drink vodka Kyrgyz style and built the finest latrine the valley had ever seen. Along the way they also climbed alpine style to summit seven previously unclimbed mountains up to 5200m in height..

SOUTH WEST VENUE: Upper Room of the Nova Scotia, Cumberland Basin, Hotwells, Bristol, BS1 6XJ
The Nova Scotia Hotel is a well-know Bristol landmark, situated at the western end of the Floating Harbour, with ample local parking and good beer. Lectures are normally on Tuesdays and start at 7.30pm. Click here for map
The SW Regional organisers are Tony Westcott, Adele Long and Chris Storie..


The club has a small bunkroom in the clubhouse basement containing four bunks for the use of members, aspirants and associates. There are no cooking facilities although a kettle is provided and there are restaurants and cafes nearby. The bunkroom is normally open except when the office is closed for the long Christmas and summer breaks. We cannot accept bookings from members for Friday and Saturday nights if they would be occupying the bunkhouse alone as the Club cannot provide emergency response over weekends.

There is no heating in the bunkhouse at night but there are a few blankets. Users must bring a sheet sleeping bag and are advised to bring a warm sleeping bag in winter.

Bookings should be made with the Club Administrator by e-mail or phone 0207 613 0755. If you do not get a reply, e-mail the Honorary Secretary as communications can sometimes go astray.   The office is normally manned on Tuesdays and Thursdays (although not every week), and bookings need to be made in advance so that arrangements may be made to obtain keys and instructions. There is no charge for the bunkroom however an advance deposit of twenty pounds is required. Keys must be returned within five working days of use. Regular users may apply for a set to retain for their own use.

While in occupation, members are responsible for the security of the building and have an obligation to familiarise themselves with evacuation instructions and Health and Safety requirements. Users, particularly sleeping alone, must not suffer any hearing, visual, or mobility impairments that might impact on their ability to recognize an alarm signal and delay their exit from the building in an emergency.










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