The Club is supporting the development of the MountaiNow App. This App aims to share current mountain conditions, in order that alpinists will be better prepared for climbs in the Alps. It will be delivered in four languages.

MountaiNow builds on existing and proven spatial data infrastructure known as geoSDI. 

It will seek to collaborate with regional/national mountain initiatives (e.g.Camp-to-Camp,which the AC also supports)

An international team, chaired by Dr Alexia Massacand, is behind the project.

Before the 30th June MountaiNow has to raise part of the budget through a crowdfunding campaign. In the three weeks since this was launched MountaiNow has received more than 50% of its minimum objective of EUR 35,000, with contributions originating from Belgium, England, France, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland, the US, and Wales.. For more information see

Language/currency may be adjusted in the top right corner, and all contributions will be fully refunded (with no charge), should the minimum objective of EUR 35,000 not be reached. The site is available in English, French, German and Italian.

When it reaches its operational phase, the AC  will be promoting the tool, which members will be able to use for free during summer 2016 in order to test it. A number of guides from France and Switzerland have already signed up for this test phase.

Crowdfunding campaign:

MountaiNow Facebook

MountaiNow Twitter