The Alpine Club, the world's first mountaineering club, is Britain's only national club for Alpinists.
Since it was founded in 1857 its members have been at the leading edge of mountaineering development and exploration.
We aim to be the club of choice for all mountaineers, providing a forum for sharing experiences and information.


FORTHCOMING EVENTS - Lectures are at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise   Details & Full List
13th/14th February
Roger Everett
Scottish Winter Meet, Corran Bunkhouse
London Lecture Tuesday 10th February
John Porter
One Day as a Tiger - Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Fast and Light Alpinism. Details
Peak Lecture
Wednesday 11th February
Adrian Dye & Hannah Moulton
Kyrgyzstan - Big horns, Big snowfall and Big unclimbed peaks
Edinburgh Lecture
Tuesday 10th February
Mick Fowler
Lakes Lecture
Tuesday 10th February
Malcolm Bass & Simon Yearsley
South West Lecture
Tuesday 20th January
Derek Buckle
Peruvian Classics


Recent updates

The Artists of the Alpine Club
A Biographical Dictionary

Compiled & written by
Peter Mallalieu
Keeper of the Club's Pictures

Latest Edition (2012) with Addendum  and including 11 more artists.

£25 inc P&P from the AC office. Please make cheques payable to the Alpine Club.  All proceeds go to the Alpine Club Conservation and Development Fund.

There have always been artists in the Alpine Club since its formation in 1857, who have carried sketch books and painting materials into the mountains.  The book shows something of the history behind  the AC collection of over 600 pictures, with biographical details and reproductions of the work of over 100 artists.

Scrambles with a Camera

Edward Whymper who led the first ascent of the Matterhorn, was a pioneer of mountain photography and used lantern slides to illustrate his lectures. This book is published by the Alpine Club to commemorate the centenary of Whymper's death.
Available from bookshops at £16
or through the Alpine Club

Alpine Club T-Shirts

Made from 'technical' wicking fabric
Colour Charcoal

£16 from the AC office or from Stuart Worsfold

Everest the First Ascent, the Untold Story of Griffith Pugh, the man who made it possible
Written by his daughter Harriet Tuckey, it has just won the British Sports Book Award for “Outstanding General Sports Writing"

The Times is organising a vote for the Sports Book of the Year. If you would like to vote for Harriet's book click here.


The Chris Walker Memorial Trust

Assists young mountaineers by giving grant awards of up to £1000 for climbing expeditions in the Greater Ranges .Details

The members-only section of the website that is used to contact other members of the Club.
E-mail if you need advice, or want to find a climbing partner, or sell equipment, or promote a climbing event.
In Alpinet you can see the codes you use to get discount at various shops and organisations.

We can't get in touch if we don't know your e-mail address. Please look in Alpinet and check it is up-to-date, and you are ticked to receive Club mailings.
If you have forgotten your password go to Aipinet and follow the instructions. to get a new one.

The Alpine Club Climbing Fund

In 2011 the Alpine Club Climbing Fund  supported several expeditions.   There were two to Nepal (led by Julian Freeman-Attwood and Mick Fowler), Alaska (Guy Wilson), China (John Town) and tPeru (two expeditions: led by Tom Ripley and Matthew Balmer). All are exploratory ventures that hoped to achieve first ascents of hitherto unclimbed peaks and attempt new routes on previously unclimbed faces. Reports can be accessed from the  Expeditions page.

Far,Far the Distant Peak
Biography of Wilfrid Noyce


Dick was a frequent contributor to the AJ from back in 1965. He also edited the Nepal Notes from 2005 to 2013. He was a remarkable explorer with many a tale to tell. A fully illustrated anthology of his writings together with contributions from several others has just been published. Please have a look at the anthology’s website HERE.


31/01 Aspirants' Meet 30th Aug -13th Sept
15/01 Neil Mackenzie killed in climbing accident in Canada
14/01 Deaths of two of our very distinguished members
2/01 New Peaks February lecture
23/12 New London lecture in May
17/12 New London lecture in April
8/12 Two more London lectures in 2015
3/12 25th – 27th September 2015. Reunion Meet
2/12 AC Bolivia meet May- June 2015
2/12 Dates for your diary for 3 new London lectures
1/12 New London lecture
27/11 Muchu Chhish Expedition Full Report
22/11 New London lecture
21/11 New London lecture
20/11 New London lecture in January
13/11 New Peak lectures
10/11 2014 Spiti Expedition Report
5/11 Lakes Lecture 9th Dec: change of speaker
29/10 Reaching The Roof Tajikistan Expedition Report
29/10 Little Poobah Expedition Report
29/10 Updates to list of AC funded expeditions
29/10 Death of Davie Jamieson
20/10 Death of Ned Kelly, with obituary
19/10 SW Lectures programme
19/10 Tribute to Ralph Atkinson
8/10 Death of Ralph Atkinson


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