Alpine Club Photo Library

Over the past 146 years the Alpine Club has acquired a historic and unique collection of photographs relating to the activities of its members. These include prints, negatives, transparencies and lantern slides. Many of these photos were donated to the Club by the artists, who were themselves members of the Club. Thus we have photographs taken by Donkin, A. Holmes, Sella, Spencer and Whymper (members), Abraham, Martens and the Bisson brothers (non-members).  We also have a collection of Everest photographs from the British expeditions of the 1920s, 1930s 1951 and from the successful 1953 expedition. These include original lecture sets and the personal photos of some of the Everest expedition members. The Club’s collection includes photographs from mountain ranges throughout the World including the Alps, the Himalaya, the Andes, the Caucasus, the Rockies, the Japanese Alps and Spitzbergen. It is probably the best historic collection of mountaineering photographs in the UK.

Over many years, the Club’s photographic and picture collection has been used by many mountaineers and researchers for private study, articles, books, television and film. From as early as the 1870s, the Club’s photographs have been exhibited both in this country and abroad. 

A selection of the club's historic photographs can be viewed in the AC Photo Album.

Please contact the picture library if you are interested in using any of our images.

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