Alpine Club Symposia

The Alpine Club hosts symposia from time to time, covering a wide range of mountain regions, with the aim of encouraging exploration and climbing. Organised by members of The Alpine Club, this event focuses on the mountains of a particular area, or on a specific aspect of mountaineering. Each symposium runs for a whole day and is typically held at a weekend in the Lake District, North Wales or the Peak District. During the day experts on the subject, including top mountaineers from around the world, give a series of illustrated presentations, creating an event that is both informative and inspiring. Take a look at the impressive list of speakers at recent and forthcoming symposia to see why these events are so popular. The symposia are usually open to members (at a discount) and non-members.

Symposia are particularly useful for anyone planning an expedition or looking for new places to visit. Many expeditions have started in the bar after a symposium; but be warned: these events can be dangerously inspirational!

The AC usually arranges discount at a hotel or books a climbing hut for members to stay during the weekend, and organises a dinner.. Being located in a climbing area, many members climb together on the Sunday, making for an enjoyable weekend.



PREVIOUS SYMPOSIA   These are as originally published and are not necessarily precise records of what took place.

2014 (November 29th) "How to do it" at Palace Hotel, Buxton. "How to Do It": How to Plan and Organise a Mountaineering Expedition

2013 (November 30th) 2013 Symposium - The European Alps The Palace Hotel - Buxton. Saturday 30th November 9.00am.European Alps

2012 (December 1st) Mountains of the Ex USSR

2011: (November 26th): China

2007: (February 3rd): 150 Years of the Alpine Club

2006: (September 30th): UIAA Climbing & Mountain Medicine

2005: (December 3rd):  East of the Himalaya

2004: (November 27th): South America

2003: (November 29th): Mountains of Canada

2003: (December 6th): Ski Mountaineering

2001: (December 1st): Climbing in Nepal 

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