The Club is pleased to be able to use its premises and resources, along with its renowned archive of mountaineering reports, books, art and artefacts to host and curate exhibitions that celebrate mountain history and culture. As well as spotlighting the work of contemporary artists and academics, the Club has also worked to mark key mountaineering anniversaries; bringing together records of the past to keep our history alive and engaging for climbers and the wider community alike.

Individual exhibitions may vary, but most take place at our Charlotte Road Club House.

A full list of past and upcoming exhibitions is shown below.

Exhibition of Historic Mountain Photographs Opens at the Alpine Club

Exhibition of Historic Mountain Photographs Opens at the Alpine Club

We are pleased to announce that a selection of rarely-exhibited mountain photographs has gone on display at our premises in Charlotte Road, London.

The photographs, which date from the 1860s to the 1920s, depict a number of iconic peaks, located mainly in the European Alps, but stretching as far afield as Japan, the Karakoram Range and the Canadian Rockies. Among the selection are compositions by Edward Whymper, WF Donkin, Fanny Bullock Workman and Vittorio Sella.


A black and white portrait photograph showing the Dent du Géant, a pointed rock peak in the French Alps.
                                                                       The Dent du Géant by WF Donkin (1882)


The exhibition is made up entirely of original photographs, many of which were enlarged by the photographers and all of which were taken while on expedition. Many of the works remain in their original frames, having been presented to the Alpine Club by the photographers shortly after they were taken.

Exhibition curator Bernie Ingrams said: “The works on display are among the finest photographs in the Alpine Club Collection. Thanks to the large format of these images, visitors will be treated to a level of detail and sense of scale that only the best mountain photography can offer.”

The exhibition is set to run until 31st July, with booking available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12pm – 5pm by contacting the Alpine Club office on 0207 613 0755 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Glaciers Exhibition Video Tour

Glaciers Exhibition Video Tour

Our current exhibition 'Glaciers', curated by associate club member Janet Johnson, has extended its run until the 27 April. In order to offer a taste of the works on display, we have produced a short video tour in which Janet discusses the history and artistic styles of three of the featured works.



If you've been inspired to visit the exhibition in person, you can find details of opening hours and how to book at the exhibition page.




Glaciers Exhibition Opens at the Alpine Club

Glaciers Exhibition Opens at the Alpine Club

With increasing attention being given to the issue of climate change and the effect it is having on mountain environments, glaciers have been pushed into the fore of public consciousness. In our new exhibition, 'Glaciers', curated by Janet Johnson, we use the Alpine Club's extensive collection of mountain art work to explore the ways that glaciers were depicted prior to the advent of photography.

Today, glaciers are revered for their sublime beauty and hold a melancholy quality, serving as significant testimony to the impact of climate change. But in previous centuries, glaciers themselves, rather than their retreat, were something to be feared; moving their way through alpine valleys and sometimes crushing entire villages in their wake. They were powerful, elemental forces of nature. The watercolour and oil paintings in The Alpine Club Collection are a valuable historical record of the world's glaciers and humanity's relationship to them.

This new exhibition will showcase some of the finest works in our collection, including a number of rarely-exhibited hidden gems that have not been shown for a long time due to a need for special safe lighting or because they are in a delicate condition and require some repair.

Thanks to our digital partners, these works will also be available to view online. Ninety-four oil and watercolour paintings can be found on the Art UK website while The Watercolour World showcases a further 617 watercolours, including rarely if ever seen paintings from alpine artists’ travel sketchbooks as well as mounted watercolours stored in archival boxes. We are hoping to further increase the number of entries on both sites over time. For this exhibition, we have curated a special collection of featured works on the ArtUK website.

If you would like to view these remarkable pieces in person, the exhibition will run from 11 January - 27 April 2022 and is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12PM to 5PM

We ask that you please book in advance by calling 0207 613 0755 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Our Digital Partners

To help bring our extensive art collection to a wider audience, The Alpine Club is working with two innovative partners, Art UK and The Watercolour World. Together, these two online portals provide an opportunity to place more of our paintings on constant digital display, allowing audiences to view, curate and purchase prints of their favourite pieces. 

Art UK

Art UK is an online art database that shows over 200,000 artworks from 3,000 venues across the UK.

Art UK was originally conceived as a database of oil paintings belonging to public collections. However, it now also shows a growing number of private collections (for example, the Oxford and Cambridge colleges). In addition to oil paintings, collections can upload images of watercolours and drawings. The site is free to access and non-profit making.

The Alpine Club is able to sell prints through the Art UK shop and license images for use in publications and for items such as wall calendars. All the images available on this website are out of copyright, (seventy years after the artist’s death).



The Watercolour World

The Watercolour World is also an online portal that showcases purely documentary watercolour painting through the ages.

‘Before the invention of the camera, people used watercolours to document the world. Over the centuries, painters – both professional and amateur – created hundreds of thousands of images recording life as they witnessed it. Every one of these paintings has a story to tell, but many are hidden away in archives, albums and store rooms, too fragile to display. The Watercolour World exists to bring them back into view. We are creating a free online database of documentary watercolours painted before 1900.’

At present it is not possible to buy prints from the website.





Glaciers Exhibition - Featured Works on The Watercolour World

Glaciers Exhibition - Featured Works on Watercolour World

Our current exhibition, 'Glaciers', is a wonderful opportunity to see paintings of mountain glaciers from the last 200 years. Featuring works from the likes of Ruskin and Loppé, the exhibition brings together some startlingly evocative pieces from our collection.

Find out how to visit here.

While there is a huge benefit to seeing these remarkable works in person, for those who are unable to attend, we are pleased to be able to provide online curations that together feature nearly all of the paintings in the exhibition.

The first is available on ArtUK, with the remaining pieces laid out below with links to view them on The Watercolour World which holds a large collection of digitised watercolour paintings, including many from the Alpine Club collections. To see a larger version of any of these images, simply right-click the painting in question. 

'Bachalpsee Glacier', Arthur Croft, (1874)

'Breithorn Glacier', Unknown Artist

'Part of the Oberland from the Simplon'
, Henry George Willink, (1880)

'Fee Glacier and Allalinhorn', Hilda Marion Hechle

'Mer de Glace - from the Montanvert', Unknown Artist, (1855)

'Mer de Glace', Unknown Artist

'Aiguille Verte and Dru', George Barnard, (1877)

'Auldjo's Party Passing a Crevasse', John Auldjo, (1828)

'The Ascent of Mont Blanc by John Auldjo's Party in 1827: Sheltering During a Storm', John Auldjo, (1828)