Open Expeditions

In order to encourage the return of Open Expeditions to the Alpine Club’s climbing programme, in 2024 the AC Committee agreed a new funding stream for members. It is hoped that this will result in up to two expeditions per year which will be open to Full Members to join by application. 

Under the new system, an open expedition can be proposed by any Full Member who is looking to form a team of AC members. The proposal should be made in writing to the climbing sub-committee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), preferably at least one year in advance of the expedition. Applications should detail the expected size, destination/objectives and rough dates of the expedition.

If approved, the expedition will be opened up to members through the usual AC channels. Members will apply to the expedition leader, who will then select a team with the support of the climbing sub-committee. Applications should be encouraged from throughout the club, with no need to have attended previous Club meets or expeditions.

Karen Frake admiring the imposing south-west face of Nevado Copa on an AC Greater Ranges Meet

Each AC Open Expedition can expect the following:

  • In line with existing guidelines, £500 towards expenses for the expedition leader.
  • Expedition financial support of £500 plus £250 per Alpine Club member in the team.

So, for example, an Open Expedition led by an AC member and including three other members could expect to receive a total of £1,500 from this new funding stream.

The leader can, of course, still apply to other sources of funding (including the Alpine Club Climbing Fund) and is encouraged to do so.

Sam Poletti and Elie Jaumin making the first ascent of Pk 5878 on a 2023 AC expedition to Sikkim

After the expedition, the expedition leader will be expected to produce an article for the AC newsletter and/or Alpine Journal as well as a report (to include finances, maps, and a brief dairy), and to provide photos and headlines for AC social media. The aim of this content will be to inspire and inform potential future participants.

The committee hopes that this new funding will enable the running of up to two open expeditions a year under the AC banner and many more opportunities for members to climb in new and exciting locations.


Q. I am a new full member of the AC and would like help running my first expedition. Should I apply to run an open expedition?

Yes. It may be that the climbing sub-committee can propose a joint leader who can complement your experience.


Q. I am an Aspirant Member. Should I apply to run an open expedition?

Expedition leaders should be Full Members as we encourage a good grounding in the European Alps. However, it is still worth contacting the committee with your ideas. 


Q. I have never attended a meet before. Should I apply?  

Yes. We realise meets are not for everyone and hope this initiative will be attractive to all members. 

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the Chair of the Climbing Sub-committe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.