A selection of the club's historic photographs can be viewed in the
Photo Album.

Photo Library

Since the formation of the Alpine Club in 1857 a large collection of photographic images have been acquired creating a unique library dedicated to mountaineering.

A large part of the collection, comprising all photographic formats, has been donated to the club by the original photographers, many of whom were or are members. Donators include William Donkin, Vittorio Sella, Sydney Spencer and Edward Whymper who were all members, as well as the Abraham Brothers. The collection also includes pictures taken on all British expeditions to Everest from 1921.


Within the collection we have images taken in all of the major mountain ranges of the world, including the Alps, Himalaya, Andes, Caucasus, Rockies and Japan.

This unique heritage collection is dedicated to mountaineering and due to the span of years covered, it is almost certainly the best. We are proud to say images have been supplied to numerous authors, as well as researchers, students, television and film.

To obtain use of any images from the collection please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your requirements.