The front cover of 'The Way Taken' showing a group of people walking along The Great Wall of China as it snakes off towards the horizon at the top of the page.

'The Way Taken' by Dave Wynne-Jones

Dave Wynne-Jones

On his first expedition to China, Dave took a translation of The Selected Poems of Li Po by David Hinton and Ursula le Guin’s Tao te Ching. It was not an easy trip but his reading helped him come to terms with events in the poems that he wrote during that time. Years later, when writing a handbook on expedition organisation, he rediscovered these poems in his journal and revised and added to them, recalling discussions about Li Po with the expedition’s liaison person whilst exploring the way travellers and climbers relate to the very different cultures of China and its mountains. His publisher encouraged him to add a selection of his photographs to illustrate the text.

Delfryn Publications

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