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News has reached us of the death of Club Member John Temple.

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#3 Hugh Livingston Alexander 2021-09-03 15:04
#2 Roy Allan Ruddle 2019-03-02 15:41
John led the 1996 Alpine Club/Alpine Climbing Group Caucasus ‘meet’ in Russia (see AJ vol 102 “Foolishly Following AF Mummery”)

First impressions? Eccentric, enthusiastic and an energy that put to shame mountaineers that were half his age! That meet is one of the very best trips I have ever been on.

Day 1 ended ominously, when the Russian Border Guard fired warning shots over our heads and escorted us down to the valley. Day 2 was more positive (the troops’ commander visited us and apologised; our permit was valid).

The first big success of the trip was John and Mike Pescod’s ascent of the North Peak of Ushba (4696m), one of John’s great ambitions and an epic descent.

The final deed of the trip was John and Mike’s attempt on Shkhara (5200m), via the North Spur/North-East Ridge (a traverse of such high quality it has few equals anywhere). They climbed two-thirds of the North Spur on their first day. Then the weather turned bad, but on the 3rd day they managed to retreat in a careful, 12-hour descent.

The trip ended with many celebrations, and John getting us all updated to Club Class.
#1 Andrew John Greenstock 2019-01-07 22:54
John co-led an expedition of secondary school boys to Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. We were all surprised but amused when he stripped down to his y-fronts and backpack for the trek up to the alpine hut. He was a patient and tolerant leader. And though already suffering the odd twinge (this was only 1990) he would say ‘when you get to my age you just tell your body to shut up!’. That was my only experience of him - but what a vivid character.

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