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The Alpine Club, the world’s first mountaineering club, was founded in 1857.  For over 150 years, members have been at the leading edge of worldwide mountaineering development and exploration. 

With membership, experienced and aspiring alpinists benefit from a varied meets programme, regional lectures with notable guest speakers, reduced rates at many alpine huts, opportunity to apply for grants to support expeditions, significant discounts at many UK retailers, extensive networking contacts, access to the AC Library and maps - and more! 

Becoming a Member

MEF Annual Lecture is a joint fundraising event for the Mount Everest Foundation.

MEF Annual Lecture, with Porters’ Progress UK:  ‘One Day As A Tiger: Alex MacIntyre and the birth of light and fast alpinism', by John Porter, introduced by Doug Scott,  on Tuesday 1st November, at 7pm, at the RGS
One Day As A Tiger, John Porter’s revelatory and poignant memoir of his friend Alex MacIntyre, shows mountaineering at its extraordinary best and tragic worst – and draws an unforgettable picture of a dazzling, argumentative and exuberant legend. 
One Day As A Tiger is a brilliant read on so many levels: a vivid and perceptive biography of one of the most talented an innovative climbers of his generation, but going much further to unveil a forgotten story which encompasses the breath-taking confidence of the anarchic and dynamic climbing culture that grew up during the cold war on both sides of the Iron Curtain’. Sir Chris Bonington
For more information and tickets visit:   http://www.portersprogressuk.org/event/one-day-as-a-tiger.