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Piolet d'Or 2015

Earlier this month Sir Chris Bonington receive one of the most prestigious awards in mountaineering: the Piolet d’Or Career. This lifetime achievement award is now in its seventh year, and was created to reward mountaineers whose achievements have inspired successive generations. Previous winners include Reinhold Messner, Walter Bonatti and Doug Scott.

Chris was honoured at the 23rd Piolets d’Or, which took place in Courmayeur and Chamonix in April.

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The AC is supporting a campaign to save this climbing area in Turkey. Please read about the campaign here

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2014 British Spiti Expedition

Derek Buckle (leader), Dave Broadhead, Mike Cocker and Geoff Cohen received permission to enter he Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh in September 2014.


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Area Lectures
LONDON - Tuesday 12th May
Edith Kreutner: Exploring the unclimbed peaks of the Arabel Pass area of the Djetim Bel range, Kyrgyzstan
Edith focuses on pre-trip planning, Base Camp life, important considerations and the stunning Kyrgyz mountains and how the expedition climbed many so far unclimbed peaks.
EDINBURGH - To be resumed in the Autumn
PEAK - To be resumed in the Autumn
LAKES - To be resumed in the Autumn


1st - 4th May. Derbyshire meet, joint with ABMSAC/AC

9th - 16th May. Glen Brittle - Joint meet with Craven Pothole Club

6th June to the 4th July. AC Open Expedition to Eren Habirga, Tien Shan

26th-28th June 2015. AC New Members Meet - George Starkey Hut, Patterdale, Lakes

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AC London Dinner & Lecture
Tuesday 28th April, The Rag, London

Martin, one of Britain's leading mountaineers, has made huge contributions to British rock climbing, especially in North Wales where he discovered Gogarth in the 1960s.