Office staff

Office Manager Stephen Grey


Alpine Club Committee for 2021

The Committee is responsible for the management of the Club and its operations.

President Victor Saunders
Vice Presidents Richard Nadin, Paul Ramsden
Honorary Secretary Sherry Macliver
Honorary Treasurer Trevor Campbell Davis
Honorary Editor of the Alpine Journal Ed Douglas
Honorary Librarian Barbara Grigor-Taylor

Chairs of Sub-Committees

Climbing Nicholas Smith
IT Vacant
Marketing, Communications and Publications Vacant

Elective Committee

  Tom Livingstone, Chris Martin, John Porter, Marjan Schoëke

Alpine Climbing Group Committee for 2021

President Tom Livingstone
Honorary Secretary Tim Elson
Committee Ian Parnell, Paul Ramsden


Additional Officers 

London Lecture Organiser Derek Buckle
South West Lecture Organisers Tony Westcott, Chris Storie
Peak Lecture Organiser Martin Wragg
Lakes Lecture Organiser Anna Lawford
Edinburgh Lecture Organisers Tim Elson, Zoe Strong
North Wales Lecture Organiser Peter Frost
Winter Dinner Convenor William Newsom
Membership Applications Chair Richard Nadin
Membership Secretary Sherry Macliver
Student Liaison Officer Richard Ive
Climbing Fund Sub-Committee Acting Chair Paul Ramsden
Finance Sub-Committee Chair John Dempster
Property Sub-Committee Chair Victor Saunders
UIAA Representative Richard Nadin
Wired Guidebooks Rep Mike Mortimer
Assistant Editor of the AJ (Obituaries) Rod Smith
AC Newsletter Editor AC staff
Digital and Social Media Officer Adam Butterworth
IT Internal Technical Support David Lund
IT Sub-Committee Secretary Jeremy Gould
Honorary Librarian Emeritus Jerry Lovatt
Honorary Archivist Glyn Hughes
Honorary Keeper of the Club’s Artifacts Nigel Buckley
Honorary Keeper of the Club’s Paintings Simon Pierse
Honorary Keeper of the Club’s Photographs Bernie Ingrams
Honorary Keeper of the Club's Monuments Charlie Burbridge

Alpine Club Library

Chairman of the Library Council Philip Meredith
Secretary Nigel Buckley
Book Sales Gordon Turner
Photo Library Bernie Ingrams
Photo Sales Susan Hare
Himalayan Index Sally Russell
Librarian Vacant