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Meets News

Alpine Club Caucasus Ice Meet 2021

Andrey Golovachev is arranging the Alpine Club Caucasus Ice Meet in the Midagrabin valley, North Ossetia, Russia from Saturday 6th February 2021 to Friday 12th February 2021. Accommodation is a newly built hotel with en-suite showers with twin, double and family rooms available. The approximate costs are £250-300 for the hotel accommodation, transfers and meals plus about £325 for return flights from London to Vladikavkaz (OGZ) plus about £50 for the Russian visa.
The hotel stands literally at the foothills of Mt Tbau 3,400m. Its 700m dolomite cliffs much resemble Italian Marmolada and there is a big potential for trad first ascents, provided sunny weather. In theory it is possible to climb Kazbek (5054) which requires a detour into Georgia via Verhny Lars official international border crossing. It takes about 5-7 extra days for acclimatization and the climb. The more technical route is graded about AD+ and is about 700 vertical meters of 50-55 degrees ice.

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Slovakia Meet, Chata Pri Zelenom Plese

6th - 13th March 2020

Words & Photographs by Alex Metcalfe.

Attendees: Mike De La Rue (organiser), Jonathan Bamber, Alex Metcalfe, Tom Davis-Merry, Mark Grist (guest), Tom Priestly (guest), John Venier, Ian Bryant.

Things did not start well for the AC Slovakia meet. A six hour delay gave members of the team ample time to repack & worry about baggage allowance whilst others went to see the sights and sounds of Luton. The team finally convened that night to fly out and meet the Johns the following day in Tatramanska Lomnica.