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Dave Brown: Unexplored Patagonia
Tuesday 12 March 2019, 07:30pm
Contact Derel Buckle
Tuesday 12 March 2019

Following a tip off from one of the most prolific of old guard Patagonian mountaineers David Brown and John Crook headed into a remote unexplored area of Northern Patagonia in search of unclimbed granite peaks. With only a grainy aerial photo and the wild testimony of a septuagenarian who'd first climbed in Patagonia 40 years previously it was a step into the unknown that resulted in three trips and numerous first accents up soaring granite spires and blank 1,000m big walls. The immaculate granite delivered fantastic climbing and as as the mountains are protected by miles of dirt road, pathless temperate rain forest, inadequate maps, and the largest lake in south america the climbing turned out to only be part of the experience. And then we found a pampas desert tower for desert.

Location London
55/56 Charlotte Road