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Peter Foster: The Uncrowned King of Mont Blanc
Tuesday 09 July 2019, 07:30pm
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Tuesday 09 July 2019



Peter Foster

Thomas Graham Brown, FRS, (1882 -1965) is best remembered for his triptych of routes up the Brenva face of Mont Blanc and his feud with his partner, Frank Smythe, which smouldered and flared for twenty years; his first ascent of Mt Foraker and role in the pre-war expeditions to Nanda Devi and Masherbrum are less well known. He was also a distinguished scientist. Ambitious, determined and uncompromising in his views, he never left others feeling neutral: Geoffrey Winthrop Young thought him `a vicious lunatic'; his editorship of the Alpine Journal caused such disquiet that he was sacked. In this lecture, Peter Foster, whose biography of Graham Brown is published in May, will tell the story of his turbulent life and climbs.  


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