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The lectures provide a good opportunity for AC members to meet one another and exchange news, views and information. New members and prospective members are particularly welcome. Prospective members are asked to contact the AC office before attending. Lectures start at 7:30pm in general

For the lectures in London, non-members are asked to register their attendance in advance by contacting the office at admin@alpine-club.org.uk  (please note that a donation is requested on entry)

Anyone who has had an interesting trip and would be prepared to lecture is invited to contact the AC Office or the organisers.

Each event includes a clickable map with the address of the venue.

Events Calendar

Bernadette MacDonald: Art of Freedom
Tuesday 21 November 2017, 07:30pm
Contact Derek Buckle
Tuesday 21 November 2017
Bernadette will be covering her acclaimed new book which has just been awarded the 2007 Boardman Tasker prize which focuses on Voytek Kurtyka, one of the greatest alpinists of all time. Kurtyka was one of the leading lights of the Polish golden age of Himalayan climbing who repeated declined acceptance of the prestigious Piolet d'Or until finally accepting the award in 2016.
Signed copies of her book will be available.
Please note that this lecture is not on the usual Tuesday night.
Location London
55/56 Charlotte Road