The 4000m peaks of the Alps
To see the list of 62 mountains in the Western European Alps above 4000 metres, please click on the link below.  The list contains links to route descriptions, recent outings and other information on the website.  The translation into English is ongoing and should be completed by late Spring 2014.  (In the meantime, there is  an online translation facility.)
N.B.  Dr. Karl Blodig was the first person to climb all the 4000m peaks in the Alps.  Blodig’s original list had 76 summits.  (He climbed the last of these at the age of 73).  This was then modified in Helmut & Dumler’s book to 61.  The Funalps list uses this list of 61 plus an extra summit from Richard Goedeke’s original list of 61.  The official UIAA list has 82 summits.  Collomb’s list has 52.  In reality, there are exactly 50 mountains in the Alps over 4000m.  All the lists include Aig. Blanche de Peuterey

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