Please click on the link below to see the list of all the huts, (including bivouac huts,)  in the Mont Blanc massif.  The list is ordered  from SW to NE on the Italian/Swiss side of the massif and then back NE to SW on the French (Chamonix) side.  The list contains links to the information on the , (C2C) website for all but four  bivouacs, see below for details.   The manned huts have their own dedicated site, a link for which is given on the C2C site.  The telephone numbers have been included in the list table.   However, as these change frequently, (especially the mobiles), it may be best to check on the C2C site.  Some huts are starting to only accept reservations through the internet, e.g. the new Gouter hut. The Frebouze bivvy is a natural rock shelter with place for two people on the way to the Gervasutti bivouac.  The Periades bivvy is a four person hut just a few minutes scramble away form the Breche Puiseux, a popular ski tour.  Useful for crystal hunters.  Les Glaciers is the old, disused, Col du Midi cable car mid-station. For the Jacchia bivvy, start from Tronchey, Val Ferret, Italy. “r” means refuge, i.e. manned in the season.  “b” means bivouac, i.e. never manned. Huts_Bivvies                         Home

Mountaineering in the Mont Blanc Region