The 2020 Summer Meet was planned for July in La Bérarde, in the heart of the Écrins. This site has excellent climbing and many people have fond memories of climbing and walking there.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has cast a shadow over this, and we have watched events unfold.
The decision on the meet has been delayed as we have watched events, but we are now 6 weeks before the meet. Although there is some relaxation in France (and the UK), travel is still restricted, with severe limitation on entry into France. There will be quarantine measures in place until at least the week before the meet.

There are some signs of easing and relaxation of access to the mountains, but these will probably come too late to plan, and there will be the ever present worry about local resurgences of infection.

In light of this, the July Alpine Club meet to La Bérarde has been cancelled. If conditions resolve sufficiently to allow travel, I would encourage you to think about visiting La Bérarde. We will follow events closely.

Paul McWhinney

On a more positive note, I am happy to say that there are now 18 new meets published on the website for 2021, and we all look forward to getting back into action!

Best wishes
Nick Smith