Financial Support: Expeditions can be expensive; especially those to the high peaks of the Himalaya or Karakoram and Antarctica. Fortunately several organisations, including the Alpine Club, can be approached for financial support. There are many organisations that do make awards to appropriate groups but some of the more substantial ones are as follows:

  • The Mount Everest Foundation ( The MEF awards around £40K annually for expeditions and will consider applications from any British party with objectives that involve a degree of exploration and novelty. Exploring a new or rarely visited area, attempting an unclimbed mountain or a new route are typical requirements. The MEF also administers the BMC Sports Council Awards and Alison Chadwick Memorial Grants.
  • The Alpine Club Climbing Fund ( The AC Climbing Fund will consider applications from any Alpine Club member for expeditions that essentially have objectives similar to those required by the MEF. Grants are generally in the order of £500-1500 but are reduced prorata for participants who are not members of the AC. The full rules for applicants are published on the AC web site.
  • The British Mountaineering Council ( provide grants for BMC members and members of BMC affiliated clubs for international expeditions, particularly those consisting of younger members.
  • The Gino Watkins Memorial Fund ( Will consider awards for scientific research and exploration in the polar regions.

In addition to the funding bodies listed above, it is sometimes possible to get expedition support by way of the donation or loan of equipment from key manufacturers and distributors. These need to be individually applied for.

  • GORE-TEX® Brand Shipton/Tilman Grants
  • Polartec® Challenge