La Chamoniarde mountain conditions report for 25 November 2022

There hasn’t been much activity in the past week, so our conditions report is going to be short! 



The only two uplifts that are in operation in this shoulder season are the Montenvers train and the Skyway.


Since our last report, there have been two snowy spells, and there is now a base of around 50/60 cm of snow at 2,000m and 80cm to 1m at 2,500 m. Below 2,000m the snow cover is thin and has crusted over after the rain snow limit went up on Wednesday night into Thursday. In the last two days, there has been a thaw and the possibility of skiing from the valley floor is rapidly disappearing. 

Amongst the places you can dust off the skis are: around the col de Balme, Mont Joly, Flaine, Grandes Platières ....



As far as walking goes, we are certainly between seasons. You’ll need good boots and poles to use the footpaths up to 1,600/1,800 m: the petits balcons paths and the buvettes  (Floria, Chapeau, Cerro, Dard, Chalets de Chailloux). Above that it’s still a bit early to get out on snowshoes. 


We don’t have any more information on trips into the high mountains than in our previous report


Translated with permission from an original report by La Chamoniarde.

Readers are reminded that conditions in mountain environments are prone to (sometimes rapid) change and that they should use their own best judgement when visiting them.