News has reached us of the death of our member, Jeremy Whitehead.

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#1 Michael John Esten 2020-08-03 17:47
Quite simply, Jeremy Whitehead lived his life to be in the mountains. Summer and winter he would be out on the hill as much as finance and transport would permit. He will probably be remembered by most as a ski-mountaineer who was at his happiest when leading a group of friends or fellow club members. His ability to “read” the snow and his perpetual awareness of the mountain situation were impressive.

I first came across Jeremy in the late 1960s when he was ski-mountaineering in the French and Swiss alps, mostly with Jim Roche. I had much more to do with him a decade later when we both found ourselves leading ski-tours for the SCGB. In the 1960s there were no post-war ski-touring guide books available in English or French and, although a few books and ski-maps were published by the French in the 1970s, there was still almost nothing in English. However Jeremy had acquired an encyclopaedic knowledge of the French Alps by simply going there and doing “it”. In the early 1980s he “published” his compendious guide to ski-touring in the French Alps in two volumes, each about 2cms thick, comprising removable sheets held in book form by prong-fasteners. He declined suggestions that it be published commercially and produced copies at home in small numbers for friends. I am delighted to see that the AC Library has retained a copy.

My last trip with Jeremy was on an ESC meet to Gargellen in March 2019 shortly before his 88th birthday. He wasn’t going to give up….. until, that is, a stroke forced the issue later last year. He will be much missed by many.
Mike Esten

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